Right now in Florida those accused and convicted of crimes have strong, enforceable, constitutional rights.  But the victims of these crimes do not.  Marsy’s Law for Florida is a campaign to elevate to the state constitution rights such as the right to be informed, the right to be present and to be heard – and the right to restitution.  We are excited to have an advocate like State Senator Lauren Book, a victim herself, championing this cause.  See her video below, and join our cause!

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Every day, across our country people suffer at the hands of criminals. Then they suffer again – as victims, thrust into the complex judicial system and to navigate an unfamiliar court process. Marsy’s Law proposes an Amendment to the Florida Constitution securing permanent, enforceable rights of victims, but we need your help to move forward. Sign your name to support equal rights for Florida's crime victims under Marsy's Law.

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